A global connection for advertisers and screen networks.

It's growing. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) and digital place-based media (DPB) are going to become a larger part of advertising campaigns than ever before. As more and more establishments add screens to their businesses, your business should be reaching this growing audience.

VUKUNET was created to make access to these screens easy. It's a completely web-based system, and the first solution that provides automated buying and direct-to-screen ad serving with both real-time inventory and reporting. VUKUNET is global, reaching screens around the world, across multiple platforms. Users have real-time access to reports, stats and proof-of-play through a simple interface.

VUKUNET makes it simple for any ad agency to launch a DOOH or DPB campaign on thousands of screens. For a screen network owner, it's a central place where agencies can find you to run their campaigns.

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