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NEC's VUKUNET is your solution for ad placement in digital out-of-home (DOOH) and digital place-based (DPB) media screens. VUKUNET is the first system to deliver real-time access to the vast array of individual screen networks with one simple platform. Before VUKUNET, advertisers would have to contact and work with each network individually. VUKUNET streamlines every step of the process. It can help you find the most effective placement for your clients’ campaigns, speed up delivery time and do it all cost-effectively.

If you are not already advertising with a DOOH or DPB, VUKUNET is a perfect and simple way to start. More and more agencies are including these in their media buys as a cost-effective way to get more eyes on their clients’ brands.

Makes buying a DOOH or DPB easy.

Allows you to search available inventory in real time based on the criteria you selected. You determine the networks you want to include in the buy.

Automates and streamlines the entire offer process. A campaign can be bought and start running within minutes.

Make the buy,
We do the rest.

Once you've made the buy, VUKUNET automatically schedules the ads in your selected networks. When your ad is scheduled to play, VUKUNET delivers it directly to the screen. Access to your campaign is conveniently role-based. The system provides specific access for every player in the process — planner, buyer, account, creative, etc.


When working with DOOH and DPB networks one-on-one, advertisers may not have the immediate access to the proof-of-performance (POP) stats that help make more effective ads. VUKUNET acts as a third-party independent auditor of proof of performance. When you access networks through VUKUNET, powerful technology works behind the scenes to give you up-to-the-minute POP reports.

Our reports are consistent for the whole industry and provide the agencies with one report for their entire campaign. It also includes thumbnails of the creative that ran on the screen.