your connection.

As a screen network owner, how do you attract advertising to your screens? You could do it the old-fashioned way — with a lot of legwork and beating the bushes. But there is a better way: VUKUNET.

VUKUNET connects advertisers to you. When you partner with us, your network is on the radar for hundreds of advertisers. It's a central station for advertisers to access your screens to run their campaigns.


When you are part of the global VUKUNET database, advertisers have easy access to your screens. They can search for your network by the type of screens you provide and what kind of customers you serve.

And it does this without the need for special software to be developed. VUKUNET does the work for you. When an advertiser wants the particular demographics your screens provide, they can just click on you from our web tools. It's that simple.

Manage inventory
the easy way

VUKUNET enables networks to view their inventory in real time. You can see specific venues or the sales progress of your entire network. It makes tracking your ad unit sales goals easy. The system enables you to define date ranges and select specific criteria to review.

A better way
to serve ads

We know flighting a campaign can be a difficult and tedious manual process for a network. VUKUNET makes it easy. Once the agency has uploaded the buy into the system, VUKUNET automatically schedules the ads with the selected networks. The creative is uploaded directly into VUKUNET and then served directly to the screens of the selected networks when it’s scheduled to run. You can also review all of the creative running on your network.

Real Time Reports

VUKUNET is a third-party independent auditor of proof of performance (POP). You have instant access to POP in real time after each ad has played through our web tools, anytime you need them. The reports are consistent for the whole industry and provide the agencies with one report for their entire campaign. It also includes thumbnails of the creative that ran on the screen.